Acquaintances or Lovers: Who sends your Brand Valentines?

digital relationship

I’m a hopeless romantic. So in keeping with the upcoming Valentine’s Day occasion let me introduce 4 relationship themed types of brand loyalty that I hope will provide food for thought when crafting a digital marketing strategy for your brand. Take a look and ask yourself, “Are we cultivating the right relationships?”

Acquaintance – Little loyalty. Will buy your brand’s products or services when it’s convenient and/or least expensive. They’ve seen the brand around and know who you are, but the value in getting to know you hasn’t been established yet. Extend a subtle hand and and get to know more of your Acquaintances.

Friend – The “friend zone” as it pertains to your brand, isn’t a bad place to be. Friends are loyal. They buy from your brand on a regular basis, recommend you on occasion and will talk highly of you in general. The relationship has to be a two-way street however, so show them love or they will find a brand who appreciates them.

Fling – Loyal as long as the discounts and promotions are flowing. A short term relationship that rarely evolves into anything meaningful for your brand. Smile when they show up but don’t base the life of your business on them.

Lover – The Lover thinks your brand of products or services is the best in the business. Lovers brag about you to everyone they know. They’re very satisfied with the relationship. They accept your flaws and apologies for any mistakes through the years because you’ve always been sincere as a brand and owned them. You’ve earned this relationship.

As we all know, the Lover is the best audience a brand can hope for from digital marketing. But as in the real, we’re surrounded by a variety of relationships that command different degrees of our time to maintain. These other relationships are great as well in their own way and we need them in addition to our primary to make our lives complete. The same can be said of the different audience relationships your business needs to maintain a consistent and steady sales funnel. Your Brand’s life is flourishing with the lover’s and friends it’s maintained through the years. But making acquaintances and mingling with new audiences is not only healthy but vital to the well-rounded growth of your Brand.

With the right strategy, messaging, and patience, your Brand will grow to have a life and develop relationships that you can take great pride in.

I wish you the best and as always, feel free to contact me anytime.


“It was one of those little love stories that can make you smile in your sleep at night.”

– Hunter S. Thompson