It is said “like minds think alike”. As it pertains to being an entrepreneur and small business owner, I would have to agree. Having that common ground is the first step toward understanding the needs of my fellow small business owners. In my experience, SBO’s lack either budget, knowledge of digital marketing, or both and this severely prohibits their ability to grow the business in 2016. There’s so many contradicting sources of “how to digital marketing” that one is left not knowing what to believe. Not to mention the steady stream of high pressure sales calls guaranteeing big returns on your investment, usually with long term contract implications. When all anyone is really looking for is good solid advice and consulting about digital marketing they can trust with “no strings” attached in the form of an up sell or long term contracts that they can implement and manage themselves.

Introducing our aptly named, Digital Marketing Advocacy Sessions. These are one on one consulting sessions with you and/or Team for:

  • creating a workable digital strategy
  • ongoing strategy guidance
  • website analytics analysis and review
  • social platform data analysis and review
  • content creation tips and strategy
  • Google AdWords and Bing Ads expertise
  • local SEO guidance
  • lead generation and online promotion expertise
  • web design best practices information
  • up to date industry trend fact vs fiction information

“DMA Sessions” can be single hour “advice” meetings or ongoing monthly consulting sessions of up to 3 hours per month.